Wednesday, January 30, 2013


In early 1963, during months after the first session of the Council, a special commission reviewed the schemata (documents) which had been discussed by the world's Bishops from October to December 1962, 

 Pope John XXIII - through the Council Secrtariat - set down six norms for the interim work:

-- "It is necessary during the long interval to provide for a reexamination and a perfecting of the projects, taking into due account the work almready done."  Special subcommissions on each topic would be of assistance.

--  "The salient point of this Council is not the discussion of one article or other of the fundamental doctrine of the Church ... The substance of our ancient doctrine is one thing, the way in which it is presented is another."  The stress would be on the pastoral nature of the Council.

-- The interim work would deal with general principles, "leaving aside particular problems".

-- A new central committee had been created to "direct and coordinate the work of the Council... whichshould be carried out in agreement with the presidents of the Council commissioms."  Periti (experts) would help the commissions.

-- As soon as working papers were prepared, they should be sent to the world's Bishops -- who, in turn, are to "examine them and return them within a time limit to be set by the General Secretariat."

-- "The Council commissions, after receiving the observations of the Bishops, will see to the amendments... taking into account the suggestions and cloely assessing the reasons for and against, so that they may , at the end of an adequate re-elaboration, be submitted to the Council Fathers" during Session II.